Digital Readout Trilogy (2001–3)

These are comedy shows in which I perform all the parts, combined with voices taken from TV and movies and a whole bunch of otherwise stolen music and sound effects, plus a cameo appearance in each by Briana Carson. Each half hour's worth represents the editing and mixing together of about 400 separate sound files. I did all the writing during the ferry portion of my commute and the recording at home using GoldWave audio editing software.

No. 1: Press Enter To Exit (2001)
This one is set at work and includes the voices of Sens. Maria Cantwell and Slade Gorton, Rep. Jennifer Dunn, and Stephen Fry in the role of Jeeves from "Masterpiece Theatre." Topics satirized include the Internet, corporate boardrooms, and talk radio.
MP3 file (34:20) plus script

No. 2: Do Not Eat (2002)
This one is set at home and includes the voices of Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Ontkean from "Twin Peaks," our Chihuahua and Chinese crested, and my purported impressions of Frank Nelson and Steve Irwin. Most of the music is composed by Leroy Anderson. Topics satirized include orange alerts, mail order, and channel surfing.
MP3 file (23:01) plus script

No. 3: Store in a Cool Dark Place (2003)
This one is set on vacation and includes the voices of Alan Watts, Chico Marx, and former Sleep Country owner Sunny Kobe Cook, plus my Jimmy Stewart impression (gee, nobody's ever done that before). The recurring music is from "Mr. Hulot's Holiday." Topics satirized include Hitchcock films, spousal communication, and museum exhibits.
MP3 file (38:36) plus script


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