Bulbous! (1974)

From the musical of the same name

MIDI file

Bulbous! In our ossicles we hear this cry of glory.
Bulbous! From the farthest sights of Lick Observatory.
In a fleck of sewer water or the earlobe of an otter
Every parent, son and daughter is bulbous tonight.
The feeling keeps coursing through your veins
That the only way to be is like a bulb...

Bulbous! No one seems to know just why the vogue is spreading.
Bulbous! But it's here from Tijuana up to Redding.
From the top of Kilimanjaro to the IQ chart of Charo
There's no need for any sorrow if you're bulbous tonight.
Don't fight it, no need to be afraid
If your brain decides it wants to be a bulb;
Get ready to bop-shoo-wah all day
When your inner world becomes a giant bulb...
Ask Ralf Creevy!
It's heevy!

Bulbous! You haven't got a reason for existing.
Bulbous! But nonetheless you can be quite assisting.
Even if you're just vibration, or a bit of radiation,
Or a campus AM station...you're bulbous, so bulbous,
So bulbous tonight!


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