All We Ask (1975)

From the musical "Bulbous!"

MIDI file

[The lyrics alternate with dialog spoken over music.]

Give us a break with the results we've found;
All we ask is to hear our own sound!
(I don't care if your values decrease;
AIl I want is to keep the peace!)

Don't make us fall to the residents' choice;
All we ask is to hear our own voice!
(I don't care if you swallow your pride,
If the masses are satisfied!)

Don't take for granted that we're just like you;
All we ask is to do what we do!
(I don't care if your identity's lost;
I just don't want my students crossed!)

Don't put asunder what we've joined together;
All we ask is you watch us get better!
(I don't care if your egos are quaffed;
I just don't want to feel a draft!)


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